Piran is an old port city in Slovenia with a traditional old town center. The architecture is from the medieval times situated on the Piran peninsula with narrow streets, closely built houses and a Mediterranean vibe.  It’s a small town, so to look at the main attractions a day will suffice.

Great views of the city

The City Wall: it’s surrounded by city walls which were partly demolished and rebuilt,  now offering a great panorama view of the city from the top and an astonishing view of the sunset. The wall is composed of three separate walls from different periods of time.

The Bell Tower: another great view of the city and the coastline is from The Cathedral of St. George and it’s Bell Tower, which is about 46 meters/151 feet high.

The Venetian House

This cute red Gothic house is from the 15th century. Its main windows and balcony are made in a significant style, be sure to watch for those details.

Tartini square and the Tartini Monument

Tartini square is the main square in Piran. It was named after the violinist and composer Giuseppe Tartini, you’ll see his Monument in the middle of the square. He was a Venetian Baroque composer and violinist, born in Piran which was at that time under the Republic of Venice. The square is surrounded by pastel little houses. It’s a great place to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner with an amazing view. The square is also the main place for all that goes around in Piran, shows, performances…

Behind the Monument of Giuseppe Tartini stands the lovely 19th century City Hall.

The streets

Walk around the small streets of Piran. Is the labyrinth of cobblestone that offers countless views of beautiful houses, with cute cafes and great views.  Try roaming around, you can’t get lost, at least not for too long.

The Aquarium

The aquarium offers a small view of the undersea creatures. Each Wednesday and Sunday you can even feed the fish.

Sunbathing and swimming

Even though Piran doesn’t have sandy beaches, it’s still great for sunbathing on the rocks next to the sea, just make sure to bring something to make yourself comfortable.

Piran salt – Visit the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park

The salt from Piran is one of Piran’s most prized products in Slovenia. You can buy the salt in shops all around Piran. More than 700 years ago, the Piran salt pans were formed, in the location where the River Dragonja flows out into the Adriatic Sea. These are only operational pans in this part of Adriatic. The salt is harvested using traditional methods.

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