Scotland offers beautiful Gothic cities, breathtaking nature, delicious beer (mostly Ales) and the most amazing whiskey that you’ve ever tasted. Also, It’s the home to The Loch Ness Monster – Nessie. When you travel to Scotland you’ll see that it’s full of great castles, landscapes – especially in the highlands and museums. Here are 22 pictures that will inspire you to travel to Scotland.

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Bratislava, Prague, Salzburg and Vienna – our 7 day travel itinerary

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Here is our 7 day, city-hopping Itinerary through four major European cities. The traveling season is all year round but the best time to travel is for the Christmas holidays. Bratislava the capital of Slovakia, Prague the capital of Czech, Vienna the capital of Austria and Salzburg.

Travel Photostory – Thailand

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25 pictures from our Thailand travel photostory that’ll inspire you to travel to the land of smiles, a country with beautiful beaches and temples!

Is it safe to eat street food in Thailand?

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Just stick to these food tips while traveling to Thailand and you’ll have an amazing experience tasting Thailand street food.