•  Time: 4 days
  • Expenses: less than $55 or 50€ per person per day (excludes airfare)
  • Season: all year around

Money and time-saving tips:

  • Rent a car to get from city to city (it will save you a lot of time),
  • If you can, avoid rush hours, as small Slovenian roads can get quite busy from 7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 5 pm,
  • Get combined tickets for Postojnska Cave and Predjama Castle.


Slovenia offers a variety of possibilities to explore. This small country spreading through 7,827 sq miles/20,273 square kilometers, offers continental, sub-Mediterranean and Alpine climates. All this can be reached with a few hour drive from the capital city Ljubljana. Its geography is perfect, you can enjoy a hike in the mountains and a swim in the sea on the same day.

A tight budget is easily doable. You can stay in cheap hostels or a little bit more pricey hotels for $25-50/20-40€ per person per night. Main attractions and food are mostly cheap and easy to find. A nice meal will cost around $12-18/10-15€.

This is our 4-day itinerary around Slovenia, covering four major cities, where you can explore the fresh mountain air, beautiful cities and the seaside. If you have more days to spare there’s a lot of other things you can do, check our article Slovenia – 15 best tourist attractions for more attractions.

Our 4-day itinerary:

  1. day – Ljubljana
  2. day – Bohinj
  3. day – Bled
  4. day – Postojnska cave, Predjama Castle and Piran

Day one – Ljubljana

Your exploring begins at the centerpiece of Ljubljana, the Prešeren square named after France Prešeren, Slovenia’s greatest poet. The Prešeren Monument stands at the east side of the square, the poet is facing the window where his adored Julija Primic used to live and has a sculpture of muse above him. From there, head across the Triple Bridge which takes you to the old city center where the Town Hall is located. You can get lost in this cobblestone streets, where much of the architecture like the Central Market, the Triple Bridge, the National and University Library are the work of Jože Plečnik, who was an important architect in Vienna and Prague. Walk through the old town center, here you’ll find the Robba Fountain, also known as Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers in front of Ljubljana Town Hall.

Ljubljana has amazing bridges, the Butchers’ Bridge and the Dragon Bridge are not the ones to miss. The Butchers’ Bridge has glass walking belts, sculptures that represent the Ancient Greek and Christian mythology and most noticeably is filled with love padlocks. The Dragon Bridge, somewhat a symbol of Ljubljana, is guarded by 4 dragon statues. To get the best view of Ljubljana you can take the Funicular or walk to the Ljubljana’s Castle and it’s tower.

In the afternoon relax or take a walk in the park Tivoli. If you have enough time, visit some of the museums, they’re all around the city, like the City Museum of Ljubljana, National Museum of Slovenia, The Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Railway Museum, Museum of Contemporary History…

Conclude your day with partying in Ljubljana’s hottest spots like the Metelkova street an autonomous social center where you can find an art gallery, bars, artists studios and live music (Jazz, Rockabilly, Punk rock, Heavy metal and Techno).

Day two – Bohinj

Start the day with a walk around the lake starting at Ukanc. We recommend you walk one half of the path to the Libičev Laz and then take the boat ride back, so you can enjoy the view from the lake and the shore.

The next stop is the Savica Waterfall, around 500 steps and you’ll find this hidden pearl. The waterfall is 78 meters/255 feet high and is the main source of water in the Bohinj lake.

For a breathtaking view hop in Vogel Cable Car which will take you to the top of the mountain Vogel at 1992 meters/6535 feet high. This is one of the best views of the valley where you can also grab a delicious lunch or explore the summit.

Depending on the season of the year, there are many activities you can do from swimming, hiking to skiing if you want to add something to your itinerary.

Day three – Bled

Bled with its lake is one of the most popular and charming attractions in Slovenia.

To maximize the time you have, rent the bike and ride it around the lake, there are many beautiful stops to have your morning coffee and take some unforgettable pictures.

If you have enough time, be sure to visit Slovenia’s only Island in the middle of the lake. You’ll ride a traditional/typical boat called Pletna. There is a small church on the island, where you can ring the wishing bell.

Grab some lunch, so you’ll have enough energy to walk to the Bled Castle. The view of the lake and surrounding mountains from up there is amazing. If you are a history enthusiast you can visit the museum inside the Castle. Also, this is a beautiful spot to take some breathtaking sunset pictures.

Day four – Postojnska Cave, Predjama Castle and Piran

From Ljubljana, it’s about a 45min drive to get to the Postojna cave park. Under the surface, there lies a mesmerizing world full of unusual sculptures and animals. The tour of the cave takes about an hour and a half, where you’ll be discovering a web of Karst featured tunnels on foot and with a train.

If you’re traveling in the high season we recommend booking tickets online for Postojnska Cave, the lines can get really long.

After the tour of the Postojnska Cave not far ahead is an amazing Predjama Castle built within a cave in the middle of a 123 metre/405 feet high cliff. It’s the largest cave castle in the world and it will take your breath away.

In the afternoon drive up to the Slovenian coastline to a little town called Piran. Take a walk through the Tartini Square, notice the buildings which are older than the square itself and be sure to look for the Gothic house. Next, climb to the top of the Piran Town Walls to get an amazing view of the city and the sea. Grab a delicious dinner and enjoy the view.

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