One of the most memorable and beautiful experiences we ever head was spending a day in Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Visiting this amazing elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai is something you should definitely experience when you are traveling to Thailand.

Here’s way!

The Elephant is the official, national animal of Thailand. They play and have played a substantial role. For thousands of years, they were used for manual labor, war and most recently the tourism industry. In order to be a form of transport and/or heavy labor, they are brutally trained, leaving them scarred for life.


Elephant Nature Park is a home to Elephants, these incredibly intelligent creatures who were rescued from the tourism and logging industries, saved from the torture and abuse. The organization’s aim is to increase awareness of elephant-friendly tourism and protect and encourage a natural existence for elephants and other animals that have been victims of abuse. By visiting or volunteering you can help the animals and the organization. The fees you pay help to provide, develop and improve the symbiosis. You won’t find any tricks, riding or similar activities here.

park-thailand-elephant-visiting-sanctuaryThe most mental experience is connecting with the animals in their natural environment. You can feed them, take them for a walk, bathe them or just simply enjoy their company. It’s amazing! You’ll get to know some of the elephants, see them how they interact with their peers in the beautiful jungles of Northern Thailand. You will also see some baby elephants and some veterans, the oldest ones are around one hundred years old. Despite their size, they are relay gentle and calm, except for the little ones, who just want to play around… you actually have to run away from them when they want to play with you!


The park provides different experiences from day trips up to a week long volunteer opportunities. The tours are well organized, in small groups, making sure you’ll enjoy your time with the giants as well. You will leave with unforgettable memories, we guarantee it!


Most people who travel to Thailand are unaware of the conditions this animal lives in and how they are treated, so we would like to spread awareness and what we have learned during our trip.

Knowledge is power.

There are similar parks spread through the whole country, so if you are traveling to other areas, check the sanctuary parks near you.

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